The following is a collection of  relevant literature in both English and Arabic. We'll  keep adding and updating  this list regularly with  assistance from all institutions and individuals.

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Welcome to JSDCBD...
JSDCBD was established in May. 1990, based on the recommendation the permanent committee for desertification control adopted by the league of Arab countries, JSDCBD is anon-profit, non-government society, specialized in studies and researches related to desertification phenomenon and the suggested solutions. Also prepare cultural and informative enlightenment programs and work on serious participation for the growth and development of Badia via executing projects. Society membership in the local and international organizations for the environment protection and desertification control. 1. Member in the higher council for environment protection 2. Member in the NGO`s national committee related to the international union for conservation of nature IUCN 3. Member in the Arab NGO net work for environment and development. Cairo –Egypt. 4. Member in the international union for conservation of nature IUCN 5. Member in the RIOD network. 6. A focal point for the society for conservation & protection of environment SCOPE. 7. Member in the society for Jordanian libraries Amman, Jordan. 8. Member in the Mediterranean information office for environment, culture and sustainable development MIO. The society  read more
NAP to Combat Desertification
Reports And Studies
Environmental Laws & Regulations

We Founded in May 1990 based on the recommendations of the Standing Committee for the conduct of the Program to Combat Desertification which was adop

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  وفيما يلي مجموعة من المؤلفات ذات الصلة باللغتين الانكليزية والعربية. سنستمر بإضافة وتحديث هذه القائمة بصورة منتظمة مع المساعدة من جميع المؤ

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Jordan Environmental Policy 2006 Soil Protection Regulation National Agenda ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION LAW NO. 52 OF 2006

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